Let’s see…

My interests are varied.

A good portion of my life revolves around animals.  I have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 3 sugar gliders and a husband.  I received a BS in Biology from an Ivy League University, then I worked for over a year as an animal keeper at a small privately-owned zoo in Pennsylvania.  After that I went back to school, for a Masters in Animal Science, where I worked in reproductive behavior and endocrinology of goats.  I then moved to my current job, where I work with pigs, chickens and dairy cattle (though mostly pigs).  I also am a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, and have been volunteering at a wildlife center for over 10 years.  I am currently applying to DVM/PhD programs around the US, with an eventual goal of research on emerging diseases, wildife, and epidemiology (or something like that).  I also volunteer for the local kennel club, teaching classes in Rally Obedience, and taking classes in dog agility, and started a local organization that hosts World Cynosport APDT Rally, CDSP Obedience, and CPE Agility trials.  Last year the oldest dog, Fly, earned her ARCHMX3 in Rally and her C-ATCH in CPE, the middle dog Banner earned his ARCHX in Rally, and the youngest dog, Rascal, joined the family.  This fall I took up running for fitness and exercise, and have gone from feeling like I was going to die after running 90 sec to being able to run 25 min and ran a 5K in 30:58 (less than 10 min/mile!).  I have signed up for a mini-marathon in May, we’ll see how that goes!

So… yes, varied interests, and at various points this blog will probably touch on all of them.  We’ll see!


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